​A Christian K-12 Community of Learning


Christian School

core values


​to establish, maintain, and conduct an institution of learning to promote and provide education of scholastic excellence in all departments of learning and knowledge.

to maintain an academic curriculum that is continually current and in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana and the regulation of the Indiana state board of education.

to provide said education of scholastic excellence so integrated with the word of God as the foster vital christian living.  the student will be academically and spiritually prepared to take his place in future academia, the home, the church, and the workplace.

to provide every opportunity through instruction in the word of god and depending on the regenerating work of christ, for each student to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus and walk in the redemption that leads to spiritual maturity.

to establish classes and counsel in which each child is helped to interpret his life in the light of God and the bible and to order his/her everyday thinking and conduct in obedience to the revealed word of god, thus establishing a standard of morality within the heart of every student.

to secure dedicated christian teachers, fully qualified as to academic training, spiritual experience, and an ever-growing interest and knowledge of the bible.